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Introducing the authentic Mexican-made Comal, expertly crafted from durable iron, a versatile and essential cooking surface for culinary enthusiasts. With its exceptional craftsmanship and thoughtful design, this Comal is a game-changer in your kitchen.

Constructed from high-quality iron, this traditional flat griddle ensures excellent heat distribution, guaranteeing impeccable cooking results every time. Made in Mexico with a rich heritage of culinary expertise, this Comal embodies the authenticity and passion of Mexican cuisine.

The spacious cooking surface of the Comal allows you to prepare a wide variety of dishes, from sizzling fajitas and quesadillas to fluffy tortillas and crispy pancakes.

Included with the Comal is a wooden spatula, perfect for flipping and turning your culinary creations with ease. The spatula’s smooth and sturdy design complements the Comal’s performance, enhancing your cooking experience.

Immerse yourself in the rich Mexican culinary heritage as you create delicious meals on this genuine Mexican-made Comal. Its sturdy iron construction ensures durability and heat retention, making it suitable for various heat sources, such as gas stoves, electric ranges, and outdoor grills.

Unlock the authentic flavors of Mexico and elevate your cooking with the Comal. Made in Mexico with passion and expertise from iron, this extraordinary cooking surface, accompanied by the bonus wooden spatula, will transform your culinary creations. Experience the joy of cooking like never before with the genuine Mexican-made Comal!


Material: Iron

Internal Diameter: 24cm

Thickness: 10mm

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