Develey Bayerischer Rotkohl Bavarian Red Cabbage 680g


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Introducing Develey Bayerischer Rotkohl Bavarian Red Cabbage, a culinary masterpiece that brings the rich flavors of Bavaria to your table. Crafted with care, this traditional side dish is a tantalizing blend of finely shredded red cabbage, aromatic spices, and a touch of sweetness. Perfectly capturing the essence of Bavarian cuisine, our Rotkohl boasts authenticity and mouthwatering taste. Elevate your meals with this classic delight, pairing it with hearty sausages, roasted meats, or even a vegetarian spread. Develey’s Bavarian Red Cabbage is a must-have for enthusiasts of German flavors. Savor tradition today with this flavorful, gluten-free-free delight that embodies the heart of Bavaria.

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