Palm tortilla basket with cloth


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Introducing the Palm Tortilla Basket from Mexico – a traditional and ingenious way to keep your tortillas warm and delightfully delicious! This handcrafted marvel combines timeless Mexican craftsmanship with practicality to elevate your dining experience.

Crafted from sturdy palm leaves, this Tortilla Basket showcases the rich cultural heritage of Mexico. The natural palm material not only adds an authentic touch to your table setting but also ensures exceptional durability, allowing you to enjoy its benefits for years to come.

The unique design of the Palm Tortilla Basket is tailored to keep your tortillas warm, maintaining their tempting freshness throughout your meal. Simply place your tortillas inside the basket, and the natural insulation properties of the palm leaves will create a cozy cocoon that preserves the heat and moisture of your tortillas. No more worrying about cold or soggy tortillas!

To complement this exquisite basket, we have included a beautiful Mexican cloth for wrapping your tortillas. Made from vibrant, colorful fabric that reflects the vibrant spirit of Mexico, this cloth not only serves as an eye-catching presentation but also helps retain the warmth and moisture of your tortillas for an extended period. It adds an extra layer of authenticity to your dining experience.

Whether you’re hosting a Mexican fiesta, enjoying a family meal, or simply indulging in your favorite taco recipe, the Palm Tortilla Basket from Mexico is an essential companion. Its versatility allows it to hold various sizes of tortillas, accommodating the preferences of all tortilla lovers.

Embrace the art of Mexican dining with the Palm Tortilla Basket and Mexican cloth, the perfect combination of functionality and style. Elevate your culinary adventures and delight your taste buds with warm, perfectly soft tortillas every time. Immerse yourself in the flavors and traditions of Mexico with this remarkable culinary accessory!


Internal Diameter: 15cm

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