Palmar Spritz Mixed Berries Hard Seltzer 6-pack cans 355ml


Palmar Spritz is your ideal companion for any time
More than a simple product, Hard Seltzers are a movement that has revolutionized the alcoholic beverage market in the world.

We created Palmar Spritz as a 100% Mexican Hard Seltzer . A fresh option, low in calories and carbohydrates, ideal for sharing moments with friends and living in the best of moods. #SetTheMood

GUILT FREE | Palmar is low in calories, a 355 ml can contains only 86 cal, 1 carbohydrate and is sweetened with a touch of Mexican agave syrup.
UNMATCHED FLAVORS | This mixture is the perfect combination between acid and sweet, our Red Fruit flavor will leave you with a fresh and refreshing sensation on the palate.
GLUTEN FREE | Ideal for restrictive diets such as keto or for celiac people, since it does not contain gluten.
BRAND WITH PURPOSE | Palmar exists to celebrate and protect life on the beaches. By buying this product you contribute to the conservation of the Caribbean flamingo and its habitat in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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