Tajin Chamoy Sauce, 475ml


FLAVORFUL INGREDIENTS: The Tajin Chamoy Sauce gives your food a unique hint of apricot with just the right touch of mild chili peppers that is ideal with snacks, chips, drinks, and desserts
A UNIQUE TWIST TO YOUR FOOD: Known to add a unique sweet and savory twist to your favorite foods, the Tajin Chamoy Sauce is perfect for the palate of new generations Key Product Features
SEASONING FOR ALL KINDS OF DISHES: You can try this Tajin chili lime sauce with fruits and veggies, snacks, ice cream, frozen bars, and even drinks, adding the perfect combination of sweet and spicy into recipes you know and love
ADDS FLAVORFUL HEAT: No need to worry about the heat from this Tajin chili seasoning because our blend ensures that the sensation will be more flavorful rather than hot
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