Villa Vainilla Elixir – Super Premium Vanilla Extract (2x fold) 125ml


REAL VANILLA – Our Mexican Vanilla Extract Elixir is made with the best vanilla beans naturally cultivated in the fields of Papantla, Mexico, the motherland of vanilla, without any artificial pollination, greenhouses, or chemicals.
FLAVORFUL & AROMATIC – The aroma of our pure vanilla extract is more potent and stronger than other vanillas, while being very indulgent, smooth, and pleasing to the palate.
DELICIOUS – Add the decadent taste of gourmet vanilla to sweets such as cookies, ice creams, breads, and cakes, as well as savory dishes and coffees for an unexpected flavor.
PURE INGREDIENTS – Only water, alcohol (35%), sugar, and vanilla bean extractives are in our high quality vanilla extract.
FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS – At Villa Vainilla we strive to provide the best products, created in a small-batch process to ensure the highest quality vanilla possible.

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