Villa Vainilla Mexican Vanilla Extract 125ml


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Villa Vainilla – the world finest Mexican vanilla extract
cultivated from vanilla beans native to Papantla,
Mexico, aka the birthplace of the plant.
The unique local climate is perfect for vanilla to
naturally flourish and pollinated by the Melipona bee.
Vanilla was highly sought after by Mayan nobilities and
Aztec cultures. The rare gem was first produced by the
Totonacs, an indigenous people of Mexico. This cultural
heritage is preserved by the family-run business, Villa
Vainilla, bottling the essence of pure Mexican vanilla
backed by centuries of botanical knowledge and culinary
Villa Vainilla’s indulgent, velvety extract is a natural
remedy used by Aztecs to aid in digestive function. The
scent of this herb is known to calm feelings of nausea,
while vanilla-infused herbal tea can soothe inflammation
and ease conditions of arthritis, gout and other digestive
Discover the quintessential ingredient in baking, drink
mix and cooking today!

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